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In 1984 ABC Quick Stitch Upholstery was opened and paved way to doing upholstery business the right way. A working high school student had a dream to open his own business. He was brought up in a world of cars and was interested in expanding his know-how. Soon after he became an apprentice and then quickly grew to become a master of the upholstery trade.  Ever since the opening of ABC Quick Stitch Upholstery it has been a steady  growing business. With an emphasis on quality, ABC Quick Stitch Upholstery has made itself known as the place to go for your auto interior needs.

Company History Company Goals Quality workmanship at A reasonable price.

ABC Quick Stitch Upholstery is positively positioned to compete in the regional market for upholstery services. ABC has the marked advantage of building its marketing efforts upon the established reputation of the company based on word of mouth. The beginnings of a brand have already been established through friends, and past customers. ABC competes in this market as a quality shop with mid-level pricing, offering customers excellent value and service. Through its well-trained workforce ABC aims to compete on quick turnaround times and the capacity to handle larger jobs.